giovedì 15 settembre 2011


Waiting the bus for Turin was being pretty boring, so I started taking some photos.
I'm going to Turin and i'm staying there this night at my boyfriend's house. Tomorrow me and my friend Viola will see two houses and then we'll probably decide where to go to live this year. Im so excited of this because I was really looking forward to going to live alone. Thanks university!


Aspettare il pullman per Torino iniziava ad essere troppo noioso, allora mi sono messa a fare un po' di foto.
Resterò a casa del mio ragazzo sta notte e domani, assieme a Viola, andrò a vedere qualche casa. Probabilemtne decideremo dove andare a vivere quest'anno (almeno, spero). Sono davvero eccitata all'idea di andare a vivere da sola. Non vedevo l'ora! Quindi, grazie università ;D

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  1. very nice look!love your nails!

  2. Excellent photos & blog.

  3. @Margaritas: Thank you :) I actually don't do anything for my nails. I just love tu put on every day a different color ;D

    @Austin: If you want to see more photos you can follow me on Facebook :)

  4. Loove these pictures! :) And your blog is pretty awesome..

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